it’s cinema time

in case you haven't heard…the latest event from the hottie cooterati experience, cinema, starts today.  i was lucky enough to get to have an early peek at it, and let me tell you – it is amazing. 

there is a huge number of participating stores – many of the top creators in sl – but that's not the best part about the event.  what really impressed me was the actual venue – i think it has to be the coolest event build i've seen so far. 

it's set up to look like a giant movieplex with theaters from different genres – romance, horror, xxx, sci-fi, film noir, action/adventure, and musical/fantasy.  the whole build is extremely realistic, from the ticket booth with the cash registers and movie listings to the snack bar with adorable wearable snacks.

as one who is a little bit umm..directionally challenged..i found the layout to be perfect and easy to navigate.  each genre has it's own color coded hallway, and its just a straight shot up and down each hall.

so definitely make a point to go check it out, and be prepared for an awesome experience.

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