the stores

here's where you can find slurls to (hopefully) all of the stores listed in my posts.  i'll try to keep this list updated, but if you find a link that's not working please let me know and i'll fix it!

1bp (one bad pixel) Sanctum/181/64/26
adorkable The Deck/123/188/22
al vulo ReMix Yo LIfe/177/159/1350
aura Illusory/89/87/25
bax Boots/172/125/29
beetlebones Beetlebones/47/38/2097
captivity co Pluto/39/240/28
catwa CaTwA/127/120/24
celoe MAYFAIR/130/127/21
coldlogic Zyrra/74/115/23
cracked mirror MudHoney/81/211/26
dark mouse Sage/79/77/31
donna flora Bonin/199/137/23
dutch touch  DUTCH TOUCH/250/111/21
elikatira Elikatira/62/127/34
exile Covet/122/96/29
gos Gos/125/127/301
hoorenbeek JT World VI/129/114/23
hucci Luck Inc 2/68/208/22
league Duende/154/129/39
loulou Loulou/127/166/1201
maitreya Maitreya Isle/160/130/2
mandala TEMPURA SOBA/92/110/23
maxi gossamer FATEisland/39/185/22/
mayfly Noul/200/135/650
miel miel/117/117/26
mock cosmetics Business District Delta/120/168/23
mon tissu MAYFAIR/138/117/22
mstyle Cheesecake/182/52/38
n-creation Pure/228/68/3126
noirnoir Voidicus/106/20/64
pixel mode Pixel Dreams/177/78/1500
pulse Pulse Skin/139/127/22
r.icielli Ricielli/94/111/26
redgrave REDGRAVE Skins Fashion/96/161/21
rozoregalia LE LOOK SOUTH/128/128/2
slink Sanctum/87/104/23
stickyfingers closed
ten10 Serena Monte Carlo/192/29/22
the body co The Mall/144/96/29
tres blah Lula/103/85/34
truth Truth Hair/113/34/27
wasabi pills Coraline/202/103/1003