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may collabor88


this month, collabor88 is full of pastelly "daydreamy" goodness.. i managed to get in and out fairly quickly, and grabbed up some really adorable stuff.  my fave thing was this very summery mesh hammock from cheeky pea – it has some really nice cuddle and single poses in it, and the texturing is perfect.


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culture shock!


ive been excited for culture shock this month ever since i first started seeing pics of some of the awesome new things there, and at 4:00 and about 2 seconds i started hitting my teleport button so i could start grabbing things up.  i almost always have a hard time finding my way around large events because umm..i might be a little directionally challenged.  usually i end up walking around in circles and never get to actually see everything there.


so after i spent an embarrassing amount of time watching people trying to make it thru the script gate and failing (i might be a little easily entertained too) i finally mustered up the courage to go in.. and it was not anywhere near as bad as most events ive been to.  i followed the advice of the lovely cracked mirror and stayed to my left.. and resisted the shiny things pulling me in other directions.. and i managed to make my way through the whole sim, and didnt miss a single thing.


the lag was insane.. walking was fine, but trying to purchase items constantly gave me an error that i didnt have any money.  i didnt have the patience to wait around for my balance to update, but even with those issues i still grabbed plenty of cool stuffs – so many things that i'm going to have to split them all up into several posts!


first up is this super sexy mesh dress from kim.. ive never shopped there before, but i'll definitely be checking it out now because this dress is a-mazing on – and paired with my megas boots from ten!10, it is crazy hot.




last one bad pixel for now

and here's the last of the one bad pixel stuff i got, a cute/sexy little babydoll dress.  from the back, it looks really plain and well.. not so great, but the tiny bow on the front saves it.  not sure that its worth the $550 that i paid for it, even with the little bra/panties set that came with the dress.. but it's cute and short and shows just the right amount of ass..

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all chained up



i saw this super sexy pose when shopping on the marketplace and even though bondage really isnt my thing, i thought it was hot soooo.. ka-ching!  another one of those impulse buys that will probably never see the light of day again!


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valentine’s day “date”

for valentine's day this year, i was supposed to get a drive-in movie date.. the movie was all cued up – "crazy stupid love" starring our movie boyfriend, ryan gosling – and then *someone* fell asleep.  soooo, this is as close to a valentine's date as we had.. sitting in the car at the drive-in.  but at least we looked smokin' hot while we did it! 


i also got another lil valentine's "gift", but since i'm keeping this semi-pg, im not gonna be able to post *that* pic! (no, it wasn't the sex!)


on me

the basics:
skin – al vulo polly natural cacao
eyes – pulse lf 13
hair – exile river's run (drift)

the clothes:
:HH: Hucci ladder dress (honeysuckle pink)
shoes – maitreya salience (cerise)

the accessories:
mstyle perfect hand
loulou & co r & j earrings


on him

the basics:
skin – redgrave king 04 tan
pulse eyes candy #1
hair – ISPACHI Male Hair [DAPPER] ~ Blacks
beard – Antebellum – facial hair MDCCCXCVII

the clothes:
hoorenbeek mesh sweater w/shirt (ash brown/black)
[4mc] Pervie Pack: Jeans.Black
shoes – shiny things tri-tones-black velvet

the accessories:
sunglasses – 19MC LOCS


the car: -JR- German sportscar

holorez drive-in by ax designs