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newish celoe


i dont get to see my wifey much lately, so when we were finally around at the same time it was the perfect chance to catch up on gossip and do one of my fave things ever – shop! it took me forever to talk her into updating to firestorm and mesh (if you haven't yet, dooooo eeeeeeeeeeet!!!) but once she saw the greatness, she was hooked.  we managed to hit wasabi pills, celoe, and pixel mode so that we could update her wardrobe a bit, and well.. i couldnt let her be the only one getting new stuffs so i had to grab some things too!


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a friend alerted me that the awesome blossom store was closing and everything was half off, so i rushed over in a panic to buy up everything i could – because i might *need* something and never be able to get it again.  (im still crying over the m.fox stuff i missed out on getting) 


ive since learned that it was only the inworld store that was closing, and that everything is still available on the marketplace blush but ah well.. if i hadnt panicked, i might have missed out on this super cute swing (and a cuuuuuuuuuute garden house too!) and then my lil yard wouldnt be anywhere near as pretteh.


anyways, the only newness in this post is the fab boots from maitreya.. other than those, nothin to see here!!


the basics:
skin – al vulo polly natural cleavage (cacao)
eyes – pulse lf 13
lashes – catwa no alpha #8
hair – truth clara w/roots (espresso)

the clothes:
shirt – kyoot chained thread top white (tdr blue)
pants – sakide sassy low denim blue
maitreya radical mesh boots (coffee reptile)

the accessories:
mstyle perfect hand