LOTD 032713


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waiting for my ship to come in



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the tangos


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we may or may not do it


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thats what friends are for


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it seems like almost every store has some version of the trench jacket in mesh – some definitely better than others.  i have to say that the new bristol trench from mon tissu is one of the best.  i love the texturing on it, and all of the little details.. and the fit is a-mazing.

i only have one complaint about it – i found it almost impossible to wear it with any kind of mesh pants, not even the ones that were released with it.  i really wish that creators would somehow make their clothes so that they are easy to layer with other items.

other than that, and a tiny spot between the arms and the boobs where the alpha layer doesnt hide the skin, it's pretty much perfect.  *love*

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captivity co @ cinema


only a few days left to stop by cinema and pick up some of the awesome items available there, including this sexy pose set (chains included!) from captivity co. 

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LOTD 072112


after my lil av makeover, i decided that i should do some shopping for some new meshy goodness.  i wanted to try some new-to-me places, and after lots of grid hopping i lucked across this adorable babydoll dress from the secret store. 

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LOTD 072012


ive spent so much time on my "alt" lately that it's almost turned into my "main" and ive neglected poor sunny.  ive had mostly the same shape on her since she was "born" four years ago, so i decided that it was time to do a little updating on her. 

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coldlogic newness for july


coldlogic has done it again in this conspiracy they have to take *all* my moneez – they released these sexy shirts and skirts that i cant live without.

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