LOTD 011813



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sooo in love with this gorgeous long dress by amerie!  the cut is perfect, showing just enough cleavage, and i love the way that it flows and moves when i walk.  its so summery, it makes me want to get one in rl and wear it while i walk barefoot along the beach..


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cracked mirror @ faMESHed


here's more of the awesomeness i picked up at this month's faMESHed event, from some of my fave places – cracked mirror, the loft, and maxi gossamer.


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mesh around

mesh around is a gridwide hunt running from june 1-15 that features all mesh items from over 65 designers.  ive been lucky enough to get to preview some of the great items in the hunt, but ive been feeling really unmotivated (ok lazy :p) lately.  ill try to get past that and show off all the stuffs before it starts.. i apologize in advance for the boring pics, but i wanted to get these out asap.



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born to be wild

0519 close

now that it's had some time to die down, i decided to take a more leisurely look around the culture shock event.  i found quite a few more things that i really loved, including this cool hair from wasabi pills.  it inspired me to pull some cool stuff out of my inventory that i havent worn in a while, and reminded me of some newish stuff ive bought and then forgotten about.



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LOTD 050512



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One Bad Pixel


a new mesh store opened on the grid yesterday, a collaboration between slink designer siddean munro and a mystery designer that hasnt been revealed yet, so of course i scooted over there the instant i heard about it.  the logo says "for naughty girls" (and im all about that! lol) so i was expecting to see a little bit more revealing mesh clothes than what ive been able to find so far.  the clothes are definitely sluttier than say.. maitreya or coldlogic, however most still werent quite up to my sleaze standards :p


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newish celoe


i dont get to see my wifey much lately, so when we were finally around at the same time it was the perfect chance to catch up on gossip and do one of my fave things ever – shop! it took me forever to talk her into updating to firestorm and mesh (if you haven't yet, dooooo eeeeeeeeeeet!!!) but once she saw the greatness, she was hooked.  we managed to hit wasabi pills, celoe, and pixel mode so that we could update her wardrobe a bit, and well.. i couldnt let her be the only one getting new stuffs so i had to grab some things too!


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